Carol's Daughter Kiosk, Bklyn, NY


As part of the Carol's Daughter brand, they view their customers as guests in their home.  This concept was translated into the "at home" feel of the flag ship store in Harlem, NY.  When StudioHue was selected to design a stand-alone concept store; we decided to extend their brand to the outdoors.  By creating a gazebo shaped kiosk, the feeling (as stated by a staff member) is "like you're in the backyard getting a small taste of the main house."


StudioHue was contracted by a small marketing start-up to transform a loft space within a Condo, into an office space for four.  The idea was to keep the walls and floors light in color while keeping the furniture to a bare minimum.  The clean lines of the furniture and the continuing eyeline (due to the lack of color), allows the space to feel larger than it is.

Home Office, Bklyn, NY



The goal was for StudioHue to create a stylish enviornment that did not overshadow the company's mission.  The non-profit wanted a space that spoke volumes while being cost effective.

Project GRAD, NY



Color Study


Moving through any space, the senses are aroused by the sights, sounds and textures within.  At StudioHue we use color and texture as a way to guide you through a space with each item building on the next.  Each item is carefully selected with the Client in mind to ensure their experince is authentic. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

                                      - Leonardo Da Vinci

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