Ah Paris

As a small child I discovered Jazz and was transfixed by the freedom of expression that many of my favorite artist experienced while playing and living in Paris. Later I found myself wanting to be a fly on the wall as Baldwin, Wright and Himes meet in a cafe to discuss the plight of the Negro writer. Then as an architecture student I found myself once again drawn to the history and architecture of Paris. The dream of Paris has always been part of me, so imagine my surprise when my first trip did nothing dispel any of my childhood myths.

Walking through the streets of Paris and coming to rest at the Louvre or Notre Dame was almost magical. I was struck by the fully integrated marriage of the centuries old and modern architectural vocabulary. Whether it was the famous, I M Pei's pyramid (at the Louvre museum) or the addition of outdoor space in the form of balconies to a tenement building. The respect and restraint shown is something that I hope will influence my work for the better moving forward.

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