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The phrase "custom made" always brings fear to the eyes of my clients. But as I walk them through the cost of the furniture I am proposing; the idea of a unique signature piece becomes more palatable. Whether the piece is a custom design or a semi-custom reworking of a store staple. Getting it to look exactly as you've imagined is the goal. In this age cookie cutter developments, where we now each floor plan before we enter the house. Why not throw the custom furniture curve at your next guest. At Custom Made ( you can find just the right piece. Browse their site of readymade pieces, or be put in touch with a crafts person to make the piece of your dreams. Room and board ( and Bo Concept ( are two of my favorite semi-custom furniture showrooms. By semi-custom, I mean that they allow you to select the fabric your finished piece will be covered in. The beauty of this is that it doesn't change to time it takes for them to fabricate the item and you get exactly what you want. This is not to say that the idea of selecting from hundreds of fabric samples isn't a daunting task, but nothing will give you a greater sense of accomplishment once the task has been completed. Whether you use your own design professional or one provided by the store; you'll be in good hands.

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