The Louis Vuitton Foundation Building

While in Paris I went to an exhibit of Frank Gehry's work at the Pompidou Museum. As I strolled through the models and viewed all of the videos, I was at once moved and disturbed by the work. It always seems to be out of context with its surroundings. While I have always appreciated him for moving the vocabulary of architecture forward, I've always been struck by the thought of "at what cost". His work always seemed more suited to be a piece of sculpture than a building. With that I mind, I figured that since I was in Paris, why not take the time to see one of the display models up close. The building's setting (a large park) helps hide the fact that it is unlike anything in the region. I quickly let go of all of my notions of place-ism and wasted space as I looked at the faces of my fellow museumgoers. The Foundation Louis Vuitton is at once massive and light as you approach it. As the materials move and dive around all corners to capture your imagination you can do nothing, but be swept up in it as well. As I said, watching the people enjoy the outdoor spaces with the same joy as they did the interior spaces, I couldn't help but think isn't that what all-great design hopes to do. The mastery his studio seems to possess over their selected materials is wonderful to see. The interior spaces lend themselves to housing the art collection with great ease. Moving from space to space takes you through marvelous gestures great and small all placed there for you enjoyment. This was truly a job well done.

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