The color question

When I started working in the field of design, conceptualizing spaces came naturally but adding color was another story. I was afraid the way I saw things wouldn’t be appreciated by my boss or our clients. One day my boss saw me struggling and gave me advise that still guides me to this day. She said “her trust in my abilities meant nothing if I didn’t have the courage to trust myself”.

The application of color is something that can paralyze any client. As a designer, most of my time is spent trying to read between the lines of what is said and what is desired. All clients say, “I’m not comfortable with color”, but one look at the clothes in their closet tells a different story. This is when I fall back on the words that helped me, so I can nudge them down the right path. When it comes to fabrics; I treat it with pops of color as accessories. Most people can deal with loud colors in small doses. This is evident in men with socks and ties. It is evident in women in shoes, handbags and scarves. When is comes to a wall, I try to accent the minor color in a favorite piece of art. This will pull out colors they’ve never noticed without pushing them to far out on a limb. The small gestures help us develop a trust the will enable me to make bolder selections in the future. Mistakes will be made, but nothing ventured nothing gained. Besides, in the end it’s just paint.

How do you view color in your space?

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